Sound Healing and Yoga

As YogaSound, I offer a range of yoga classes, meditation classes, Sound Healing and relaxation sessions in groups or one to one for your own wellbeing or personal development. I offer individual appointments at Evolution’s base at the Riverside Centre in Lowestoft plus a range of group sessions at various locations around the Lowestoft area, please get in touch or see my facebook page for further details. My Classes and treatments are tailored to the needs of individuals.

About Candi

Discovering yoga practice in my teens I explored different styles of yoga over the years then studied with teacher trainer Wendy Teasdill to qualify as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher in 2008. I went on to study ‘Scaravelli Inspired’ yoga with Marc Acquaviva achieving the AcquaViva School of Yoga Teaching Diploma in 2013 adding another dimension to my practice and teaching. Vanda Scaravelli’s ideas and concepts of freeing the spine resonated, but more than this, it was the ‘experience’ of freedom of movement that made a lasting impression.

My journey with yoga led me to discover the healing effects of meditation and the therapeutic properties of sound. Combining chanting and mantra into my own practice, other uses of sound followed such as playing the gong and singing bowls for yoga relaxation and meditation. I went on to complete Sound Healing Practitioner training with the College of Sound Healing, then continuing on to study gong playing with Sarah Gregg on her Harmony of the Spheres Practitioner Training.

Once this world of healing had opened up to me, attunement to Reiki was a natural progression and a perfect complement to therapeutic sound.

After using reiki for a couple of years with family and friends as well as for my own self-healing and development I went on to complete Reiki level 2 and now offer reiki treatments either combined with sound healing or separately.

And I am still on this journey of yoga and sound, continuing to learn as I share this path with you.


I offer yoga in small friendly groups, tailored to individual needs. Classes are open to complete beginners as well as those with previous experience. Relaxation at the end of the class often includes a short sound bath using gongs and singing bowls. We may explore use of simple vowel sounds with posture, breath work and meditation to enhance our practice.

The ‘Scaravelli’ approach, inspired by the work of yoga teacher Vanda Scaravelli is based on the principles of working with gravity and the breath, listening to the body and working with the body not against it, with focus on appropriate practice for each individual, and ultimately aiming to create freedom for the spine to move.

I have come to love yoga through years of practice and experiencing many of its benefits. Numerous people report that yoga has helped alleviate many chronic ailments and relieved the effects of stress, relaxing body and mind, improving concentration, encouraging restful sleep and bringing relief from insomnia and I too have felt this for myself. As well as the capacity for toning and strengthening the body, improving posture and flexibility, it offers an increased feeling of vitality and

well-being and it is also something you can do for yourself. Yoga classes are just the starting point for you to go on and explore your own yoga practice and discover how it may be able to help you personally.

One to one instruction is available as an alternative to joining a class. Whether you already have a regular yoga practice or would like some help getting this going, an individual session can take your practice to another level. A one to one class provides the opportunity for you to investigate the yoga that is right for your own body and capabilities, and at your own pace. This can be helpful if you have specific issues which may put you off attending a group session, whether these are physical, mental or emotional. One to one yoga could be just what you need to move your practice forward.

Sound Healing

 What is Sound Healing?

“Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.”   Simon Heather, The College of Sound Healing

We know from science that everything in existence is vibrating, therefore even the cells of our bodies are in a state of vibration. All vibration creates sound, or an orchestra of sounds, even though humans are only able to hear a small portion of the audible spectrum. With Sound Healing, the idea is that if we are sick, or ‘out of tune’ harmonious sounds can help bring us back into harmony and balance. This process utilises the principles of vibration, resonance, harmonics, intervals, rhythm and entrainment, combined with intention and applied using a combination of instruments and voice.

How can Sound Healing help?

Firstly, Sound Healing never takes the place of medical treatment. If you have a health issue you are advised to seek and follow the guidance of a medical professional. But the good thing is that Sound Healing can be used alongside other ongoing treatments and does not interfere with these. It is thought that Sound Healing assists the body’s own natural healing processes and many feel that it has aided their recovery from illness or surgery. Others have found relief from many common ailments especially those related to stress and a busy lifestyle. As well as alleviating physical symptoms it has also helped people suffering mental and emotional issues. You do not have to be in poor health to benefit from sound healing. Doing something positive to keep healthy and well, and to promote a positive frame of mind – this is ‘Wellbeing’ and I believe Sound Healing can help maintain this.

What to Expect in a Treatment?

An individual sound healing session is quite gentle and I can vary the level of sound to suit each person. The treatment is given with the receiver fully clothed lying on a treatment couch or sitting in a chair. The session may include some gentle touch but I can do this without physical contact if preferred. In a typical treatment I use my voice around and directed into particular areas of the recipient’s body. These vocal sounds are usually composed of vowel sounds but may also include simple chants or mantras. Whilst making vocal sounds I may use a CD to create a background tone with which to harmonise or to create

musical intervals. I might sing your name as long as you were comfortable with that or use tuning forks to create sound around your body and sometimes use other instruments. The sound healing session will also include some periods of silence. The silence is actually a very important part of the session. Similar to a group session however, in this treatment the sounds are created specifically for the individual for optimum results.

Group Sound Healing Sessions

Often referred to as a ‘Sound Bath’ or ‘Gong bath’ as the participants are completely bathed in the sounds of gongs and singing bowls that ‘wash’ over them. In my sessions I use a range of instruments including gongs, singing bowls, reverie harp, chimes and bells. The session will usually last about an hour and includes some periods of silence.

You normally lie down on the floor or you can sit in a chair if you prefer. It is most effective if you are comfortable, so wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes, have a mat to lie on and a blanket to cover up with. The resonant sounds of the gongs and singing bowls are likely to take you into a state of deep relaxation. Many find it similar to practicing meditation but can go into that state much more easily with the sound. The sound vibrations create a soothing inner massage which I have found help to release muscular tension, soothe the nervous system, relieve the effects of stress and can bring relief from many common ailments. It is a natural means of restoring harmony and balance to the physical and more subtle levels of being.

Self-Care After your Sound Healing Treatment

There is always an adjustment period after any healing treatment and this is also true for sound healing.

Do drink plenty of water after your session and in the next 2 to 3 days following on from the sound bath or individual treatment.

You may feel lightheaded directly afterwards so do not drive immediately. Take some time to come back to normal awareness first.

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